22 Photos of Birds That Were Shamed on the Internet

Image Credit: Reddit

We’ve seen dog shaming, kid shaming, cat shaming, and even fish shaming – so why shouldn’t birds get in on the action?

Because as anyone who owns or has owned birds can tell you, they can be just as big of a**holes as any other pet – and these 22 birds are definitely wearing that mantle with pride.

22. The bird version of bunny ears.

Taken one second before disaster…
byu/neeveeann inparrots

21. Own at your own risk.

Basically a summary of what its like to own a bird
byu/Gracynvh inAnimalsBeingJerks

20. I wonder what’s so special about that mirror.

This bird waits for my coworker to show up every morning. Then spends the day looking at itself in the mirror and shitting.
by inpics

19. I bet he could get a job as a bouncer.

This goose is fery angry
byu/tabbyexe inBirdsBeingDicks

18. I bet he needs it for a spell.

by inBirdsBeingDicks

17. It’s almost too perfect.

Nice paint job. Be a shame if someone…
byu/mike_pants inBirdsBeingDicks

16. Now who’s funny?

This bird fucking hates spelling
byu/poliscijunki inBirdsBeingDicks

15. But what did you do?

Keeps pecking the window and shouting at me while I’m trying to work. Dick.
byu/Mustardbyname inBirdsBeingDicks

14. Rebel.

I don’t think this bird can read.
byu/10gags inAnimalsBeingJerks

13. That cat does not look amused.

Bird trying to snack on the family pet
byu/MagTron14 inBirdsBeingDicks

12. He must really be in the mood for some honey.

This hawk has approximately zero fucks to give.
byu/Rganibi infunny

11. Selfie!

This photo of a pelican trying to eat my phone
byu/tinytoebeans0709 inmildlyinteresting

10. This might be the greatest picture in the history of ever.

Sometimes when Billy is with his friends he can be a bit mischievous. (Not my picture)
byu/BurvelBillWithFriend inBirdsBeingDicks

9. Let’s see you watch your favorite channel without that.

Payback to the Masters
byu/JohnnyLad93 inBirdsBeingDicks

8. Wow.

Just try to fucking cage me again
by inAnimalsBeingJerks

7. I guess we know who got the last laugh.

PsBattle: This seagull with false teeth
byu/Georgeisthecoolest inphotoshopbattles

6. This bird is part cat.

It looks better on the floor, Karen
byu/jordanekebab inBirdsBeingDicks

5. Someone had a lot of rage to work through this morning!

Fuck this tree in particular
byu/littlemaryfivegrains inAnimalsBeingJerks

4. Footage from my house when the toddler “helps” bake cookies.

“Is this cake batter?!” *DUNKS ENTIRE HEAD IN*
byu/GallowBoob inaww

3. He needs it look at those feathers!

So this dick takes the best parking spot today (x-post r/funny)
byu/XDEC inBirdsBeingDicks

2. RIP bunny.

So.. Did the bunny grow wings and go to heaven? X-post from /r/damnnatureuscary by /u/Rambo_Brit3
byu/fyeah11 inBirdsBeingDicks

1. Okay but I would have to kill that bird.

“Who’s laughing now asshole?”

Something to think about the next time you’re considering a feathered pet!