17 Fish Shaming Photos (Because They Were Naughty)


You’ve seen kid shaming, dog shaming, cat shaming, and even bird shaming – but did you ever think the day would come when people’s pet fish would be exposed as naughty?

Well, get ready, because even though they probably don’t understand the internet, these 17 fish definitely deserve all the shame in the world.

17. Maybe he doesn’t like your choice of decor.

16. Relapse!


15. Understandable.


14. When you definitely don’t live up to your name.

13. Maybe he likes it that way.

12. But I mean whose fault is that, really?

11. As the mother of a 2.5 y/o, I don’t want to say I get it, but…

10. I guess you should have spent your money on something else!

9. Not everyone has a refined palate.

8. Poor Moira.

7. That’s science.

6. He’s not a fan of escargot.


5. It probably looked like chocolate.

4. Well I mean you keep feeding him so…


3. This is actually awesome.

2. Okay that is very naughty.

1. Only *I* can eat my eggs!


Fish! Who knew?