Tony Hawk Keeps NOT Getting Recognized, and It’s Hilarious

©Facebook,Tony Hawk

Tony Hawk just can’t catch a break, can he? Who knows why, but Hawk just can’t get anyone to believe he’s really the man he says he is. We’ve previously documented how often the world-famous skateboarder doesn’t get recognized, and we’ve got a new example – it happened when Hawk was trying to rent a car.

Sorry Mr. Hawk, but it happened again. But since he’s such a nice guy, he didn’t call out the person or the rental car company by name.

Just like the many times when he wasn’t recognized in public, people loved this story about Hawk’s misfortunes.

And someone made this great collage on Hawk’s famous video game cover.

Classic! All I can say is that I would recognize you, Mr. Hawk!

At least I think I would…