Someone Who Said Coffee Smells Wayyyy Better Than It Tastes, and the Internet Weighs In

I’m here to go on the record and admit that I didn’t start drinking coffee until I was 30-years-old.

I know, I know, it sounds crazy but it’s totally true. Because now I feel like I can’t live without it. The first thing I do when I wake up in the morning and run to the kitchen so I can start caffeinating myself.

Well, someone on Reddit is now on my sh*t list because they argued that coffee SMELLS way better than it TASTES.

Take a look at this.

Coffee smells 100x better than it tastes. from unpopularopinion

Let’s see how people on Reddit responded to this controversial opinion.

1. Tastes change.

“I don’t know how or why it happened. It didn’t happen all at once. I used to like coffee if you loaded it up with cream and sugar, and it was basically the equivalent of melted coffee ice cream.

Now I have trouble drinking coffee with more than a little sugar in it.

Different people have different tastes, and sometimes those tastes change.”

2. Same here!

“I like drinking beer too and I remember when I thought it was just gross alcoholic liquid.”

3. Drink it black.

“Coffee drinker here. Drink it black because I like the taste.

I’m no fancy purist, I will drink most of anything as long as it isn’t TOO diluted. Have no problem with most sold in regular stores and have never bought a “fancy” brand. In terms of the energy rush- it does absolutely nothing for me.

I don’t “need my coffee” to start my day, I just enjoy the taste and in fact have reduced my consumption to one cup every other day.”

4. All the good stuff.

“As a coffee drinker, I love the taste, the caffeine kick and the everything in between.”

5. It does smell good…

“I think a lot is finding a roast or flavor you like.

I love bitter drinks and dont like sweet things, so coffee is my schtick. I also come from a coffee drinking family where it was a big social activity to chat and have a cup or three of coffee, so it’s super nostalgic for me

That said, I love flavored coffees like hazelnut, and light roasts because the fragrance and flavor is nice without adding sweetness.

Husband likes dark roasts, and I like a light roast. He likes stouts and I like IPAs. Similar schtick.

I do get what you’re saying though, the smell of coffee is amazing.”

6. You get used to it.

“It’s an acquired taste.

Just compare how bitter your first and your last beer tasted.”

7. Strong feelings.

“This is the worst thing I’ve ever read, sorry.

Coffee is the greatest drink on the planet.”

8. Maybe you haven’t had the good stuff?

“You haven’t had a good, complex tasting cup of coffee it sounds like. Bitterness is an important component of a well rounded extraction, but in no way should overpower.

Your taste might just be more to the light roast side of the spectrum than what you’ve had.”

9. No thank you.

“My friend calls it “burnt bean water”.

And that sums up why I stay away from it.

Smells great though…”

10. Loving that smell.

“Freshly ground coffee has been one of my all time favorite aromas since childhood.

Yet I only acquired the taste for coffee a couple years ago, and even then I still have to be in the mood for it, or very tired.”

11. Sort of agree.

“When I drink black, agree 100 percent. It tastes awful and I’m just doing it for a rush.

But, cafe con leche I could drink all day. Coffee flavored milk is definitely superior to black.

I can taste those hints of nuttiness/fruitiness when it’s in milk. I don’t pick up those cues when it’s black.”

12. You made someone mad.


My nostrils both positively react to the aroma of the bean water you speak of and upon contact with the bean water my tastebuds send a signal to my thinking organ that causes a release of dopamine henceforth bringing an upward curve to my lips associated with pleasure.

Uneducated buffoon.”

13. A big letdown.

“100% agree.

The smell is wonderful.

It lures you in with a false sense of hope, but the flavor lets you down every time.”

14. See what’s out there.

“Ehhh, I wasn’t super into coffee until I started drinking cold brew. There is very specific brands and flavors I like as all coffee is not created equal.

You do you if you don’t wanna drink coffee, but if you dabble around you might find one you enjoy.”

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