Something Amazing Happens When You Crack an Egg Underwater

Photo Credit: Pixabay

What happens when you crack an egg in the ocean? The answer is really cool, and it’s been captured on video, just for you. You’re welcome.

Photo Credit: Pixabay

Have you ever broken an egg into a glass of water? No? Well, the yolk spreads everywhere, you ruin a perfectly good egg, and nothing fun happens. Looking for something more exciting? We’ve got you.

Cracking an egg in the deep blue sea is MUCH more exciting (and full of science-y things). If you happen to be a SCUBA diver, stop reading this and go try it yourself! Just make sure you record it – we can always use more awesome videos.

Photo Credit: Youtube, @BIOSstation

But if you don’t have the luxury of owning expensive diving gear, you’re in luck – the Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences has you covered. BIOS traveled 60 feet deep to show off their egg-stylings so you can find out: what happens when you crack an egg underwater?

Photo Credit: Youtube, @BIOSstation

When you’re deep underwater, there’s enough pressure to keep the inner parts of an egg intact. The surrounding water acts as a replacement shell and holds the albumen, yolk, and chalazae together.

Excuse me? The what?

This should help:

Photo Credit: @iStock

Anyway, the white and yolk stay attached and you can play with them (if you’re into that sort of thing). Take a look:

BIOS Dive Safety Officer Alex Hunter told the Royal Gazette:

It’s actually something that we do pretty regularly with the children in our WaterStart summer camp when they are doing their advanced diver certification. We use the egg to get across the idea of pressure. The deeper you go in the ocean, the deeper the pressure. We generally film over the summer and use that film to do outreach work with local schools during that year. He [dive instructor Dean Lee] put it on YouTube and it got over four million hits.

Photo Credit: Youtube, @BIOSstation

Hunter thinks the video became so popular because it’s something that most people never think about. Thanks to social media, we can all come along and play with our eggs in spirit.