Guy Wonders Whether He Should Lie About His Mothers to Keep the Peace

There are a lot of bigots in this world, my friends. Too many, if we’re being completely frank, and it can be frustrating (to put it mildly) when those of us who are openminded and cool with not inserting ourselves into other people’s business get put in a position where we’re asked to lie just to keep the peace.

That’s the situation that this teenaged boy finds himself in now – his new girlfriend’s parents want to meet his parents, but she wants him to only bring one of his moms and somehow not bring it up that there’s no male in the equation.

They’re not homophobes, she swears. They just don’t like gay people.

I’m 17 and started going out with my girlfriend 7 months ago. We were already chatting before school went online and I asked asked her out after.

So her parents wants to meet mines when it’s safe to do that and have dinner at their house. I’m cool with that and my moms are too.

But girlfriend told me that her parents don’t know I have 2 moms and she don’t want them to because they’re not raging homophobes but they don’t like that. She just says it will make them feel weird and uncomfortable and asked if only one of my moms could go.

He, of course, thinks the request sucks. He loves both of his moms, doesn’t have a problem with same s*x relationships, and his girlfriend is actually angry with him for refusing to lie by omission.

To her parents, who are going to find out the truth eventually if they stay together.

Narrator: They won’t be staying together for long…

Idk I just don’t see why I gotta lie.

If we stayed together obviously they will find out and also that would be mean to ask my moms if one of them not go.

I never been embarrassed about it or weird so don’t see why it even matters.

My girlfriend has been pissed at me ever since and she just tells me to do it so it’s not uncomfortable for her parents. Even my friends r saying it’s not a big deal and it’s not like I’ll get grounded for asking my moms to do this.

We’re going to give him the benefit of the doubt because he is a kid and this is his first girlfriend. He sounds like a good egg, too.

I’m caught in the middle here cause I don’t wanna lie about my moms or exclude one them but everyone is acting like I’m being the a$s for not doing this thing.

Will Reddit give him solid advice? Let’s find out!

At the very least, they think he should talk to her about it.

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It’s not really about whether or not he’ll get grounded, right?

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No 17yo wants to hear this, but it’s not wrong advice all the same.

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It’s called tough love, y’all.

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I’m really glad someone pointed this out.

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I hope this poor kid stands up for himself and his moms and finds some people who will respect that he does, don’t you?

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