Vacation Like a Pro and With These Simple Packing Tips

Photo Credit: Pexels, Daria Shevtsova

Spring has officially sprung, and you know what that means?

Vacation planning!

And with all the fun in the sun and swanky hotel stays, one thing can be bothersome about traveling: the packing if you plan on jet setting to your destination. Who can keep up with TSA regulations and the specific bag qualifications of each airline?

Here are some packing tips to ensure a stress-free start to your well-deserved vacation.

10. Luggage Size

Unless you are the type to pack ten different outfits for one day because you can’t decide, here are some recommended luggage sizes based on the length of your trip. You could also consider forgoing the bulky suitcase for a nice squishy duffel, especially for quick or overnight stays.

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9. Carry-on Specifications

All airlines carry their own set of luggage specifications for carry-ons, which makes planning ahead important – you’ll definitely want to avoid getting to the gate just to find out you need to check your bags. And if you are nervous about your bags getting lost, this list will help. Travel Made Simple lists over 150 airline specs. Check it out.

Photo Credit: Travel Made Simple

8. Clean Undies!

No one wants to wear dirty underwear while on a trip, right? But how much do you pack? This chart measures out exactly how many to take including if you plan to do laundry while away.

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How to read this:

  • Choose your “days away” from the top row.
  • Each number below (in the column) represents the number of times you will wash them.
  • The right column is how many pairs to bring. For example, if your trip is 14 days and you only want to do laundry 1 time, the suitable amount to pack equals 8 or more.

7. Luggage Weight

Vacation can cost a pretty penny – most of us save for a year or more! So don’t get caught paying extra for your luggage. Take a look at this chart to gauge airline maximum weights (and avoid paying extra fees).

Photo Credit: flight001.com

6. What to pack?

This is the tough part. What if you need that extra sundress and those six pairs of swim trunks.

Really? Think about being a minimalist when packing. Will you actually wear eight pairs of shoes in three days? Probably not. And, trust me, you won’t miss them. Here’s a handy dandy flow chart to get you choosing the right clothes and necessities.

Photo Credit: Smarter Travel

5. Packing Efficiently

Are you a huge fan of getting all your travel gear inside the smallest bag? No? Just me? If you are looking to cram your seven-day trip into a carry-on, this chart is for you.

Photo Credit: Expedia

4. Charges and Adapters

If you are traveling overseas don’t forget to bring an appropriate adapter for your device! There is nothing worse than discovering you can’t charge your phone right as it’s getting ready to die. Save this image for later!

Photo Credit: Gear Patrol

3. What Not to Take on a Plane

This may seem like a no brainer, but pay attention to what you can and cannot bring through TSA checkpoints to avoid possible fines or even prison time. That would really put a damper on your long-awaited vacation…

Photo Credit: thetravelerszone

2. Pets are Family Travelers Too

If you’re like me and can’t go anywhere without your dog, this is for you. They will (obviously) have needs while they vacation away from their dog houses. This includes water/food bowls and ID tags. Check out this quick list to prepare your pet for vacation.

Photo Credit: Marriott

1. Comfort is Key

Have you ever wondered how some women walk around the airport in four-inch heels, swiftly gliding by you with there suitcase in tow? They make travel seem effortless! Maybe they have this little trick up their sleeve. You can make your suitcase easier to handle by packing it based on weight distribution.

And there you have it! Now go pack your bags (efficiently) and enjoy your vacation.