Take a Look at These Great Historical Photos That Have Been Colorized

As someone who really enjoys photography AND history, this topic is right up my alley.

Mads Madsen is a young man from Denmark who is fascinated by history. He’s so fascinated by history that he’s working on a Master’s degree in ancient Greek and Roman history and, in his spare time, he’s become very adept at colorizing historical photos and bringing the past alive.

Madsen even takes private commissions, so if you have some old family photos that you want to be touched up and colorized, get ahold of him on his Facebook page.

Enjoy these photos and let’s take an epic trip back in time!

1. Freed slaves.

What a photograph!

2. The Christmas Truce of World War I.

A very interesting historical moment.

3. Babe in uniform.

Babe Ruth, reporting for duty.

4. The trials of war.

This man looks like he’s seen a lot.

5. Wow! Read the caption.

What a story.

6. Ulysses S. Grant.

During the Battle of Cold Harbor in 1864.

7. A French village during WWII.

Notice the three flags on the balcony.

8. Martin Van Buren.

He was quite a photogenic man, wasn’t he?

9. A Hollywood legend.

Pretty cool to see Groucho in color!

10. Taking a break during the Civil War.

The colors look amazing on this one.

11. The beautiful Ava Gardner.

A legendary movie star.

12. The one and only Mark Twain.

It’s time to re-read his works again.

13. Frederick Douglass.

What a great American he was.

14. Gene Tierney.

Classic Hollywood beauty.

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What kind of history do you enjoy studying? What periods and events?

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