Take a Look at This Stunning Temple in Thailand, Complete With a 17-Story Dragon Facade

Photo Credit: Pexels

With its beautiful beaches, cosmopolitan cities, and delicious food, Thailand is a great place to take a vacation. Travelers can also revel in the country’s beautiful architecture as well.

The country boasts a beautiful Buddhist temple called Wat Samphran, or Temple of the Rising Dragon. Located in Thailand’s Samphran district, the bright pink temple also features a 17-story dragon on its facade.

The temple is 80 meters high because that was how long Buddha lived. But don’t believe our description, see for yourself!


The top of the temple allows for this marvelous view of the area.


It’s possible to get a romantic, larger-than-life view.


Close-up details are also stunning.


There’s some seriously beautiful foliage surrounding the temple. Perfect for a quiet day’s outing.


Evening views are also delightful!


The dragon of Wat Samphran is an architectural feat!


This complex is also a part of the temple.


Wat Samphran’s dragon gives off some seriously fierce vibes!


This is more of what you can expect at the bottom of the temple as well.


The temple is located just outside of Bangkok, and the trip seems well worth it.


This video also shows how you can visit the top of the temple if you’re able to visit.

The temple’s stairs are now deteriorating, but the structure remains beautiful.

Would you ever travel to Thailand to see the temple?

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