Margarita Trucks Could Soon Be Rolling Into Your Neighborhood

The ice cream man kind of gets a bad rap, right? There’s just something inherently creepy about a grown man peddling treats to children from a painted van (and honestly, the colors and music kind of make him resemble a clown, which just isn’t a good thing, either).

That said, people love food trucks. We love when food comes to us, and I’ve gotta think that will go double or triple for alcohol that pulls right up to the curb.


And okay, fine, this idea is about to be deployed only in San Antonio, Texas, but I can for sure see it catching on everywhere.

The truck is rolling out courtesy of La Gloria, a restaurant owned by chef Johnny Hernandez. They will be offering not only margaritas, but other signature menu items out of their bright pink “Margarita Trucks.”

Deliveries have already begun around Crockett Park, but the restaurant plans to expand to Dominion, Stone Oak, Alamo Heights, and many of the neighborhoods in between.

Hernandez told a local news station that he’s just wanting to bring joy and yummy food to people who still feel most comfortable at home.


“Today, safety is a top of mind for everyone, and many of our customers are simply not ready to dine out. However, we know that doesn’t mean they don’t crave one of our famous margaritas.”

They will serve their famous rocks or frozen options out of the truck, and you can also choose from fancy flavors like prickly pear, mango, cucumber, and strawberry (that last one isn’t so fancy I guess). They’ll also peddle taco kids, street corn, chips, salsa, and queso (you have to purchase food in order for them to legally give you booze on the street), and it all sounds the perfect way to spark a socially distant happy hour.


Unlike the creepy ice cream man, the Margarita Truck only shows up if you order and pay in advance, but I promise some of your neighbors are going to be all in with you.

One more excuse to get to know them – from six feet away, of course.