Teachers in the U.S. Are Sharing Photos of In-Person Learning So the World Knows

This is apparently what learning looks like during a pandemic.


As you probably already know, the United States has not managed this crisis well and we’re now seeing what the consequences look like. And as crazy and as unsafe as it seems, a whole lot of school districts out there have decided to go forward with in-person learning instead of doing everything remotely for the time being.

Is that a wise decision? Time will tell, but it’s obvious by these posts that teachers are in quite a predicament and many of them are not happy about these circumstances.

Here are 15 photos every American needs to see right now.

1. Doesn’t look right.

It looks downright depressing.

2. It’s tough out there.

Hard to believe this is reality.

3. Masks optional.

Not very smart.

4. How can this even work?

Will this whole thing backfire?

5. First time back.

All kinds of barriers.

6. Do not enter.

Notice the police tape on the floor…

7. A sad state of affairs.

This is America right now.

8. Doesn’t trust the quality of the PPE.

So had to buy their own.


9. Not a good environment.

And it won’t be easy.

10. Here’s the stash.

Can they at least get the essentials?

11. Not enough room.

It’s gonna be quite a task.

12. Not six feet.

Not even close…


13. No one could’ve expected this.

You’ll have to improvise.

14. That is just pathetic.

I can’t believe districts aren’t going above and beyond.

15. No more room.

What are they supposed to do?

UPDATE: A comedian named @mattbooshell on Instagram shared this hilarious depiction of “principal of a school that’s definitely opening” and we had to share it. “In these times”, it’s hard not to laugh at this!!!


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