Teenager Asks if She’s Wrong for Calling Out Her Dad and Her Stepdad

Sometimes, you just gotta call people out in life…

And sometimes, those people happen to be your dad and your stepdad…


That sure doesn’t sound good!

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AITA for calling out my dad and stepdad?

“I (16f) have a twin brother (Cody).

I do cheer and Cody does sports. We do these activities because we enjoy them but Cody also puts in a lot of effort because he’s constantly seeking approval from our dad AND step dad.

The two don’t care for each other, but are somehow the best of friends when it comes to Cody’s sports.

He does like 5 different ones because our dad likes hockey and lacrosse while our step dad prefers football and basketball-they both enjoy baseball. If he ever dares to quit a single one, one of them will throw a riot or accuse him of playing favourites.

It’s so dumb. Sometimes Cody’s schedules clash or get so overwhelming to the point where he’ll lay on his bedroom floor for hours and dissociate. It’s been like this since he was like 10.

My mom and step mom think it’s just men being men and that boys enjoy sports so Cody probably doesn’t care but like there’s a limit to everything right?

We were having a celebratory lunch for our older sister before she leaves for college and both sides were there. The lunch ended at 2pm and our sister asked if we wanted to go the mall. I said yes and Cody was CLEARLY going to say yes but our dad said he had baseball practice.

Cody tried asking if he could sit out one day since he hasn’t missed a single practice of anything in his life but our step dad joined our dad‘s “practice makes perfect” speech and backed out. They then tried using ME as an example.

“Oh Ashley’s never missed a day of practice and look at her! Medals and trophies for days!”

I thought this was ridiculous. I’ve missed plenty of practices and Cody has more awards than me.

I asked them if they were being serious and told them what I just mentioned. My dad kept telling me to be quiet but I called him and my step dad losers that need to realize that Cody is a human being with limits, not a doll they can program or play with.

Both of them were very embarrassed. My dad told me that I was being very disrespectful. My mom joined in and said I was reading too much into the whole thing and that they’re men and I simply won’t get their dynamics. I call bulls**t but they’re all saying I’m in the wrong and need to apologize. My sister agrees with me but says I was disrespectful. Cody doesn’t wanna talk about it.


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