Teenager Won’t Cut Her Hair to Support a Relative’s Cancer Treatment. Is She Wrong?

You’ve probably seen people on TV and social media shaving their heads to show solidarity with friends and loved ones who are going through cancer treatment.

But what happens when someone doesn’t want to take part?

Take a look at this story from the “Am I the A**hole?” page on Reddit to see what happened.

AITA for not shaving my hair?

“I (15f) come from a big family.

If one of them goes through an unfortunate incident they expect the rest of us to sacrifice our happiness. A few weeks ago one of my distant relatives was diagnosed with cancer and shaved her head. Everyone was upset about the news and made this plan to shave everyone’s hair in support.

I have long thick hair which took me quite some time to grow. I said no to this idea and when asked why I said it was a stupid thing to shave our hair as its not going to help her in any way. Now everyone is blowing up my phone and tell me that I am entitled b**ch.

The distant relative is my grandma’s cousin. We might see each other once a year and lives out of the country.

And the remark I made was personally only to my mother . To the rest of the relatives all I said was no.


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