Person Wants to Know if They’re a Jerk for Not Triple Texting Their Friend About Things

Triple texting?!?!


Okay, whatever you say…but it seems a little bit excessive to me…

But a person shared their story on Reddit’s “Am I the A**hole?” page for NOT triple texting a friend that sounds like a total flake.

Take a look at what went down.

AITA for not triple texting a friend when I invite them to stuff?

“My friend “B” can be pretty flaky about responding to (my) texts.

I’ve accepted I’m not in their “A-list” friend group but still enjoy their company so I’ve made a conscious decision to meet them at their level of friendship, if that makes sense.

We haven’t had a full-on heart-to-heart about it but I have said I’m not looking to chase their friendship and looked forward to taking their lead/cues on the kind of reciprocal friendship they would like. They took it well and seemed to understand.

Well, one of my other friends reserved a theatre for a private showing of a new release. They wanted to keep the guest list at a maximum of 20. I knew my friend B was likely interested so I texted with all the details (included the desire for a limited guest list and when they wanted confirmation by) 2 weeks before the showing, no reply.

4 days before the showing, one day before my friend wanted a final count, I texted again and got no response. My friend renting the theatre went ahead and filled the last three spots with some of their coworkers the next day because I had no reply to give them.

On the morning of the showing B texted me and said they wanted to come to the showing. After I said there wasn’t room they got upset and said I should have told my friend they were coming because I know they like this kind of movie.

I reminded them I have no way of knowing if they had other obligations or not, general interest is not enough reason for me to take a seat away from someone who actually wants to be there. B said I should have texted them again or called that same day I texted the second time to ask if they were interested.

Lowkey I’m annoyed, like, sorry you got in the habit of ignoring me and it bit you in the a** but I’m not actually going to apologize… Am I motivated by resentment or am I in the right to not want to apologize for not treating the invite with urgency?

I honestly think they delayed in replying because it was a backup plan to something else that fell through and I’m tired of feeling like I’m the only one who is supposed to put the amount of effort an explanatory text would take into the friendship.”

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This reader pointed out the obvious: the person’s friend seems very disrespectful.

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Another person said that the other person owes them an apology.

I think so, too!

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This individual said that the “friend” is the person with the problem, not the one who wrote the post.

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Finally, this reader said that this person definitely doesn’t need to be chasing this friendship.

Maybe it’s time to let it go…

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