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If you don’t routinely read stories from Reddit’s “Malicious Compliance” page, all I can say is that you’re missing out in a major way.

The page is full of interesting and funny tales of people getting revenge…in a compliant kind of way…

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Malicious compliance at its best.

“I am a father who took his girls to a baseball game.

We bought a bunch of snacks which is allowed. But they are specific in the sense that backpacks are not allowed but purses are allowed.

So, when we walked through the gate the security guard looks at me and says “No backpacks allow…”

So then I cut him off and say deadpan, “That’s my purse.”

He stopped, paused, then said, “And a lovely purse it is. Go on in.””

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Lastly, this man said that he carries a purse with him because he wants to be organized.

Hey, maybe it’ll catch on!

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