Parents’ Hilarious Reactions to Their Teenagers Taking the #HellChallenge

And it’s hilarious.

Here’s how it works: you turn the camera on your phone, ask your parent if ‘hell’ is a curse word. Then, no matter what their answer is, you continue to use ‘hell’ in a sentence to gauge their reaction.

They’re all funny, but some kids took it on the chin in exchange for providing the internet with humor. Literally.

I picked 7 of my favorites, but you can always Google more!

#7. Definitely the chillest parent of the bunch.

#6. It takes all kinds, I know, but I feel like this is a really weird parental reaction?

#5. You should be nervous.

#4. It’s hilarious how many parents use a WORSE curse word in response.

#3. I’ve never seen anyone turn around so quickly. LOL.

#2. “Let me know when you get there.” HAHAHAHA Mom burn.

#1. This deserves an actual, out loud laugh

h/t: Buzzfeed

h/t: The Wrap

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