Test Your Smarts With These 6 Tough Riddles

There is room in the world for all kids of riddles. Some days you want easy ones, other days, ones you can do with your kids. You might need short ones when you’re on a time crunch, or good math riddles to share with your class.

If you’re really looking to challenge yourself today, we’ve got 6 riddles that definitely fall on the hard side!

6. Off into the sunset.

5. All the pretty ladies.

4. What comes next?

3. Let’s do some math.

2. A bad situation.

1. What am I?

Continue reading to check your answers!

6. A man and woman run through a field holding hands. They bound toward the sunset, happy as can be. Suddenly, the man moves off of his straight line course and starts veering to his left. At the same time, the woman begins running off to her right.

They continue this for a full minute, but never let go of each others hands.

How is this possible?

5. There are 2 mothers, 2 daughters, 1 grandmother and 1 granddaughter.

How many people are there?

4. Guess the next three letters in the series: GTNTL

3. A house has 6 stories, each the same height.

How many times as long is the ascent to the sixth floor as the ascent to the third?

2. If you tell the truth, I’ll strangle you.

If you lie, I’ll chop your head off.

How do you get out the situation?

1. It runs having no feet and it roars having no mouth.

What is it?

Did you solve all of these?

If so, you’re smarter than I am today!