13 People Who Had No Idea Who They Were Talking To

It was possible to embarrass oneself back in the good old days. In person, you know – you might bump into a “someone” on the street and have an awkward interaction, in which you proved you had zero clue who you’d run into, but that was it. Over.

The only people to witness your embarrassment and any ensuing burns were the folks that happened to be in the near vicinity.

Now, with the internet? Your shame could be witnessed by hundreds. Thousands…more, depending on who you had no idea you were interacting with at any given moment.

Like these 13 poor people, who might never be the same.

13. Errrr yes exactly like that.

To be fair, no one is usually looking at Tony Hawk’s face.

Tony Hawk really is something special from dontyouknowwhoiam

12. When you don’t realize Tom Morello is both a musician and an expert in political science.

And no, he isn’t going to let that slide.

Tom Morello is raw af from dontyouknowwhoiam

11. What if I told you people could be experts on more than one thing?

And also, this woman is now my hero.

20 years of experience is definitely worth something from dontyouknowwhoiam

10. The one time they probably wish now that the old white dude hadn’t shut up.

This is just mortifying though, lol.

Old White Men in Black from dontyouknowwhoiam

9. Go ahead, we’re all waiting.

We’re going to die before he recovers from that burn, though.

More than a flesh wound here from dontyouknowwhoiam

8. When you’re so ironically hipster you don’t even know the band on your t-shirt.

Vintage, so it must be cool, yeah?

m@®k ₩hø₱₱ûß? from dontyouknowwhoiam

7. You’ve got to be able to laugh at yourself.

I’m betting she turned really red and tried to hide when he came out on stage.

Barber from dontyouknowwhoiam

6. It was nice of her to add the “haha.”

She really didn’t have to, nor should she have, to be honest.

I work with you from dontyouknowwhoiam

5. Maybe you should find out who your elected officials are?

It’s a two-way street, friend.

State assembly member my dude from dontyouknowwhoiam

4. I hope this douche was saluting his or her computer screen after this massive fail.

Have some respect, indeed!

Kindly remove yourself, Austrian overlord from dontyouknowwhoiam

3. That’s a weird thing to make an assumption about in this day and age.

And a really weird thing to get aggressive about, too.

This Khalid-Fan who didnt know that he used to live in germany got put down real fast from dontyouknowwhoiam

2. I mean. At least they’d heard of you?

Be nice if they could learn your name, though.

You definitely stole your jokes from dontyouknowwhoiam

1. Well, this is awkward.

I mean, not saying we can’t all have our opinions but maybe don’t try to school the author?

I think she would know.. from facepalm

I’m dying of secondhand embarrassment and also the burrrrnnnnns y’all.

Gotta love a good burn. When it’s not aimed at you, anyway.