That Time a Karen Asked to Speak to the Manager of Another Customer and Got What She Deserved

Karens, identified by their short, choppy, frosted hairstyles and penchant for manager-talks, make headlines often for their strangely entitled behavior. No one knows what will set a Karen off, but when it happens, be prepared to find your manager or supervisor.

But what do you do when you are actually another shopper at the same store?

One Karen demanded to speak to the manager of not an employee, but of a fellow customer. Read on to find out what the heck that was all about.

The time one of them actually got to speak to the manager, and it was my manager. from IDontWorkHereLady

Ridiculous, right?

First of all, the OP is hilarious with her description of the enraged shopper.

Write these down because they’re golden.

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Looks like this scenario happens often.

Karens can’t seem to stop themselves from wanting to speak to all the managers.

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Readers were so annoyed on the OPs behalf, they started writing poetry.

Like this one in Dr. Seuss style:

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Newton’s Law for Karens

For every Karen, there’s an equal and opposite non-Karen.

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This particular Karen can’t even be nice to her own daughter, so the fact she demands to speak to the manager of someone that doesn’t even work in the store shouldn’t be surprising. What a crazy, twisted tale of peak Kareness!

Still, we can’t help but wonder makes someone so miserable? How can somebody’s life be sooooo bad that they treat another human being like that? Honestly, seems like this lady is hurting.

Relax lady–life’s too short to be…you?

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