‘Dragon’ And The 19 Other Worst Passwords You Can Choose

Image Credit: Instagram

You’ve probably realized by now that having (many) strong passwords is one of the best things you can do to protect your identity, your money, and your privacy in general (if you have trouble remembering a lot of different passwords, get a password manager).

Or at least, I hope you have – because there are still a disturbing number of people using “password” as their password like, everywhere.


Yeah, even at their banks and stuff.

Along with that one, here are 20 of the easiest-to-guess, least secure passwords you could choose.


20. welcome

Yes, welcome to my credit card.

19. 7777777

Random number, they’ll never guess seven!

18. lovely

This is just random.

17. 555555

Another number over and over, yes, secure.

16. 654321

Oooh backwards counting!

15. qwertyuiop

This made me giggle.

14. admin

Talk about phoning it in.

13. 1q2w3e4r

I mean, at least you pretended to try.

12. qwerty123

They’ll never try a combination!

11. abc123

Aw, look at you being all tricksy like.

10. 123123

Who do you think you’re kidding?

9. 111111

They’ll never guess this one!!

8. iloveyou

That’s sweet. Let me take all of your money.

7. 12345

Isn’t 6 characters like some kind of minimum?

6. 12345678

You guys, please stop.

5. 1234567

No seriously, stop.

4. password

Yep, still on the list. I told you.

3. qwerty

This one makes me laugh. People are dumb.

2. 123456789

At least it’s long?

1. 123456

Yes, really.

I’m guilty of using variations of the same passwords for years on end, but none nearly as bad as these! Yeesh!

Are you guilty? Go ahead and out yourself in the comments!