The 7 Types of Cookout Dudes Who Show up at Every Summer BBQ

Photo Credit: Kaboom Pics

Summer is coming to an end soon, which means back to school. It also means the end of grilling hamburgers and hot dogs. But before we get ahead of ourselves, there is still time for a few more BBQs. And you’re be bound to spot at least one of these dudes at your next cookout…

7. The Grill King

Photo Credit: Kaboom Pics

This is the guy who runs the show, flipping burgers and making piles of meat to celebrate bro time in the back yard. He is the epicenter of a cookout, and without his grill smarts your backyard is just a lame hangout.

6. The Grill Pals

Photo Credit: Pexels, Samuel Zeller

Yep, we’ve all seen it. Those bros that linger around the Grill King, chugging a beer while making comments about the best ways to grill – whether or not they have any idea what they’re talking about. But really, without the Grill Pals’ commentary, perhaps the meal would be less…I don’t know…manly?

5. The Lawn Gamer

This dude gets the festivities going. He’s probably the one that totes around cornhole waiting for that right moment to spark a backyard competition. He’s super competitive, but always willing to give someone else a turn.

Or at least a guest shot.

4. The Can-I-Get-You-a-Drink Dude

Photo Credit: Pexels, ELEVATE

No party is complete without that friendly guy offering to get the Grill King an extra spatula or to refill everyone’s drinks – it’s crucial guests don’t go without! We should all raise a beer in his honor.

3. The Bonfire Buddy

You might have noticed your one friend chomping at the bit for a fire even if it’s 2 in the afternoon. He’s always scoping out kindling and asking the host if he has firewood. But once twilight hits, he’ll be rocking the best hangout fire you’ll ever experience.

This guy is a solid addition to any sort of hang, cookout or no.

2. The Music Man

Photo Credit: Raw Pixels

He’s a what – he’s a what?


What is a cookout without ambiance? This guy knows how to set the mood for a great party. He’s probably got a Bluetooth speaker stashed somewhere for when the mood strikes. What’s great is he always has the best playlists ready on his Spotify app!

1. The Grill King’s Best Friend

Photo Credit: Free Stocks

Nope, we’re not talking about a Grill Pal. The Grill King’s “number one” is his dog.

And what’s great about having a four-legged friend around? He’ll clean up any delicious food scraps that fall on the ground.