The Ages When You’re Best at Certain Things, According to Science

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There’s good news and bad news here – the good is that there are things you will be good at during your entire life, but the bad is that, if you’re older than seven and looking to say, learn another language, you’ve passed your peak.

It turns out there are ages when you’re best at certain things, and below are some of the optimal times during your life to learn specific skills.

First, like I said, your ability to learn a new language peaks at age seven, and hits a large decline when you begin puberty. Learning new names is easier later, peaking around 22, but your ability to recall faces doesn’t peak until a decade later.

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Weird, that.

Typically gender doesn’t play into these common ebbs and flows of human life, though women will reach their peak earning potential at 39. That’s 9 years earlier than men, and that’s not really a fun thing to discover. Although both genders surprisingly reach peak math skills at 50.

I am so excited about this, because there’s still time!

On the other hand, I’m not holding my breath that my peak skills are going to be anything to write home about, based on where the curve has started.

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When you turn 51, you can expect to be a bit better at understanding other people’s emotions, and at 69, your vocabulary will be better than ever.

Finally, at 74, you’ll be the most happy with your body. If you’re lucky enough to make it to 82, your quality of mental heath will be at its peak.

Overall life satisfaction actually peaks twice – at 23 and 69.

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I wasted that first one in a terrible marriage; fingers crossed for 69!

Have you passed some of these milestones and found these to be true? Not?

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