The Baby Planter’s Nut Dethroned Baby Yoda as the Internet’s Favorite Tot

Image Credit: Twitter

You’d have to have been living under a rock to not realize that not only is Baby Yoda the main (and perhaps only good) reason to continue watching slow-moving Mandalorian, but he’s also absolutely taken the internet by storm.

Twitter loved him so much, in fact, that it was impossible to believe he could be surpassed so soon…but the, the baby nut, a product of the now-deceased Mr. Peanut (RIP) and a tear from the Kool-Aid man (okay) made an appearance during the Super Bowl and all bets were off.

Baby Nut was born on during the big game, after the tragic death of Mr. Peanut, which was announced on Planter’s official Twitter account before the Super Bowl.

And Twitter had some thoughts…

The brand’s previous nut spokesman expired, apparently, in order to save two humans involved in a terrifying car crash.

Everyone immediately leapt from the Baby Yoda bandwagon, though most aren’t sure how long the fad will last.

It’s unclear how long Baby Nut will remain a baby, for one, since he’s already speaking in a grown-up Mr. Peanut voice, but you can watch a live feed of his nursery (and make suggestions about what he should do next).

For another, this internet fame thing is fleeting, even for adorable babies – just ask Baby Groot.

Me? I say why pick one when the powers that be have generously gifted us with all three?

Babies don’t stay babies forever (as every middle-aged woman will tell you), so make sure and eat them up while you can.