The Bug Bite Thing is an Ingenious Way to Remove Irritants/Venom so Bites/Stings Don’t Itch

Are you a human on this planet? Then you’ve been bitten by a bug at some point in your life.

Obviously bug bites AND stings are VERY common problems we all share, and when either of those situations arise, the vast majority of us turn to creams and ointments that treat the symptoms, not the cause.

Well, now there’s a product that literally gets to the heart of why you itch and scratch after getting bit or stung.


The Bug Bite Thing was created by Florida mom, Kelley Higney (pictured right), who wanted to find a better, drug-free way to help her kids with the bug bites that always irritated their skin.


The way it works is deceptively simple: by suction.

See, when you get bit the insect’s saliva or venom gets under your skin. This causes a reaction and a red, itchy welt is the result.

That’s where the Bug Bite Thing springs into action. You just place it over your skin, pull up on the plunger and let the natural suction do its work.


The company posted this tutorial to show how easy it is…


It’s just that easy. And it’s honestly one of those ideas that make you think, “Why haven’t I thought of that?”

People are so impressed by the product, that they’ve taken to social media to share their stories…


Because this thing is a life-saver…


And it even helps people who have more serious issues with bug bites lead a normal life…


The reviews on Amazon speak for themselves…


The results are especially good for kids because it’s pain-free and drug-free!


So where can you get one?

The Bug Bite Thing retails on the company’s website for $9.95, and you can also buy it on Amazon.

By the way, fun fact about the company… they were recently on Shark Tank and got funded by inventor & entrepreneur, Lori Greiner!

Here she is talking about how much she loves the product!

They even moved into new offices!


Definitely keep your eye on this company for more amazing ideas to help you lead a healthier, happier life!