This Hilarious Facebook Group Pretends They Are All Ants

Photo Credit: Facebook

There’s been a lot of talk about ways to escape the realities and stresses of our lives today. Finally, however, one Facebook group is gonna show us how it’s done. In this group, members pretend to be ants.


I can’t think of a better vacay from reality than pretending to be a laser-focused, goal-minded, zen-living ant. Can you?

The Group is Literally Called “A Group Where We All Pretend to Be Ants In an Ant Colony”…

Description – “In this group we are ants. We worship The Queen and do ant stuff. Welcome to the colony.”

Photo Credit: Facebook

Members Have a Single Purpose…

And that is to live online as ants.

Photo Credit: Facebook

Every Ant’s Duty is To Pitch In…

There’s always the one funny-guy, though.

Photo Credit: Facebook

You Don’t Even Need a To-Do List When You’re an Ant…

All you have to do is L I F T.

Photo Credit: Facebook

L I F T is Their Mantra…

When you see it, stop everything you’re doing.

Photo Credit: Facebook

Sometimes Tragedy Strikes But the Support of the Colony Never Waivers…

Millions of ants brothers and sisters feel your pain (pheromones).

Photo Credit: Facebook

Death is a Natural Part of Ant Life…

Some of your brethren may want to eat you, but some are willing to bite the ankle of your crusher, which is nice.

Photo Credit: Facebook

The Purpose of the Group Can Be a Little Confusing for Newcomers…

But will be made clear in due time.

Photo Credit: Facebook

It’s All About the Togetherness…

Think of all the friends you’ll make.

Photo Credit: Facebook

Look, you could do worse than being an ant. They’re fascinating creatures. So, if you’re needing a new hobby, join the club…I mean, colony…I mean, Facebook group.

It’s brilli-ANT.

Hahaha… oh me!