The first Harry Potter book came out over 20 years ago, which means that for over 20 years, fans have been fantasizing about owning their own invisibility cloak. In the era of social anxiety, the ability to disappear at will sounds very enticing.

Invisibility cloaks have been a mere fantasy for so long, but soon, Harry Potter fans will be able to actually buy one. Yep, really! No, you’re not dreaming!

OK, the cloak doesn’t actually make you disappear in real life, but it does render you invisible in photos.

Photo Credit: Wow Stuff

The toy group Wow! Stuff developed the Invisibility Cloak. It works like a green screen so that the wearer disappears in photos and videos taken with an iOS or Android app.

The Invisibility Cloak’s design is incredibly close to the real thing, too. Its creators used the original cloak used on Daniel Radcliffe in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone as a model.

There are two versions of the cloak. The standard version is $70, and it includes a stand to hold your phone for photos. The deluxe version is $80, and it has a serpent-themed border and a tabletop tripod for even niftier photos.

The cloaks are set to release on August 1, but pre-orders begin on July 1.

CNET Editor Mike Sorrentino, a “big Potter fan,” tried out an early prototype of the cloak last year. He says that “the effect that version created really made me feel like I was playing with the cloak seen in the films.”

Maybe someday, Elon Musk will invent a cloak that makes you invisible IRL. Until then, this looks like a really fun substitute!