People Are Scratching Their Heads Trying To Figure Out This Confusing Kindergarten Worksheet

Image Credit: Twitter

There are parents everywhere who are helping their kids with schoolwork (or doing the teaching at home) now that school is out for the foreseeable future.

And while there are many different kinds of frustration at the situation, one of the funniest – and most annoying – is how we’re all learning just how much schooling we don’t remember.

The perfect example is this worksheet given to kindergartners, because y’all – no one can figure this shizz out.

Parent Nissa Ren Cannon posted the worksheet – and her confusion – on Twitter.

“I have a PhD, and I cannot for the life of me figure out what you’re supposed to do on this kindergarten worksheet.”

I don’t blame her. It looks like a random collections of objects in a classroom, with one arbitrary line and the word Pair.

Just. I don’tknow.

Cannon went on, saying at first she thought she had it figured out like, “pencils and chairs are made of the same material,” then maybe “you use a pencil while sitting on a chair!” but by the time she got to the ball and the bell, she was out of thoughts.

Twitter, however, had a few.

Like this person, who assumed the entire worksheet was influenced by British post-punk.

And someone else pointed out that even the guy giving the instructions seemed awfully confused.

It’s true, he does.

A third reply is sure that the worksheet is trying to teach kids how to Shawshank their way out of prison, even though she’s never seen the movie.

That much was obvious.

The correct response came from a Kinder teacher, who said that the sheet is likely part of a listening activity, where the teacher tells the children where to put the objects and they practice with position words like “on”, “under,” “behind,” etc.

This was seconded by this woman, who actually has the manual.

So, there you go – mystery solved!

I don’t know about you, but I feel better knowing that the reason we couldn’t solve it on our own was just because we didn’t have all of the necessary information.

This time, anyway.