The Minnesota Vikings Provide Assistance to Autistic Fans with Their New Sensory-Inclusive Room

Photo Credit: Minnesota Vikings

Sensory over-stimulation is felt by people on the autism spectrum, those who suffer from PTSD, down syndrome and more. This can drastically inhibit these people from attending loud events such as concerts and football games. Luckily, people are catching on and making accommodations.

The Minnesota Vikings have been long time supporters of their fans who with sensory over-stimulation. And now they’ve taken it a step further: to help their patrons escape the noise when it becomes too much, they’ve built a sensory-inclusive room in their stadium.

Vikings.com said:

“Designed by KultureCity, a non-profit based in Birmingham, Alabama, the sensory room caters to fans with autism, down syndrome, post-traumatic stress disorder, dementia and other conditions requiring a safe and soothing atmosphere. The space will allow individuals, regardless of their ability, to enjoy amenities at U.S. Bank Stadium confidently, knowing they have a quiet space to retreat to for a break, as needed. Partnering with Fraser Pediatric Therapy, the room will be staffed with two licensed behavioral specialists for every Vikings home game.”

The Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority (MSFA), partnered with KultureCity and 3M to provide assistance for those who experience sensory overload. The room is decked out in Vikings’ colors, provide games for children to focus on, noise cancelling earphones and more.

“The room is located on the Upper Concourse near the southwest escalator behind section 346. The 6-foot-by-12-foot, sound-protected space includes a sensory active wall display, sensory toys, low lighting, bean bag chairs and sensory bags. The Vikings Official Science Partner 3M has provided ear plugs and noise cancelling headphones for those who enter the space. A single-use bathroom is connected directly to the room.”

Photo Credit: Minnesota Vikings

NFL pro-bowler and KultureCIty board member Tiki Barber is a huge supporter of the movement to accommodate these individuals. He said:

“The spirit of the NFL has always brought communities closer together on Sundays. I am so happy that the Minnesota Vikings are truly making their stadium accessible to everyone in their community by partnering with KultureCity and allowing those individuals with sensory sensitivities to experience the love of the game and the sense of community that football brings each and every Sunday.”

The Vikings started helping those with sensory issues in 2016, when they began providing fans with a pamphlet outlining their accommodations for these patrons. This way, those needing assistance and their family members can feel comfortable and enjoy the stadium.

Photo Credit: Minnesota Vikings

KultureCity started in 2013. Their mission has always been about educating the community on autism while inspiring them to take part. They hope that as they continue to bring awareness, those on the spectrum can live a full life. They even have an app to help Viking’s fans navigate the sensory inclusive features.

All in all this is an incredible way to make all fans welcomed.