The New TV Show ‘Murder House Flip’ Is Like ‘Fixer Upper’ but for Crime Scenes


For me, this show is very exciting. I’ve been seeking out true crime locations since I was in high school, and if I’m in a new city I always try to visit the sites of infamous crimes.

Messed up? Maybe. But moving on…

A new tv show called Murder House Flip is coming soon, and true crime fans across the land are jumping for joy…as morbid as that sounds. The show will air on the mobile-streaming service Quibi that launches in April and, just like the title says, will focus on makeovers of homes where murders took place.

Like I said, a true crime fan’s dream come true.

The episodes, like all programs on Quibi, will be short, about 10 minutes in length. The show comes from CSI producer Josh Berman, author Katherine Ramsland, and Chris King, producer of Penny Dreadful.

The show will feature a “colorful cast of forensic specialists, spiritual healers and high-end renovation experts,” according to a press release. “[They’ll] uncover the crimes, shocking secrets and scandalous history of the homes.”

Elyse Seder of Sony Pictures Television said, “We are thrilled to bring this one-of-a-kind series to life and dive into a world that combines America’s two biggest TV obsessions: true crime and home renovation.”

I can’t wait to see what locations are chosen. Infamous crimes? Little-known murder mysteries? Whatever it is, Murder House Flip promises to be a welcome addition to the endless wave of true crime shows currently on the airwaves.

I have to say I’m thrilled to see how this show will turn out!