The Original Spice Bus from ‘Spice World’ Is Available on AirBnB for Under $130 a Night

Photo Credit: Youtube

Calling all ’90s babies! The Spice Bus from Spice World is officially available to rent on AirBnB. Yes, you can spend a night in the bus that you dreamt of as a child. What a time to be alive!

It’s been over 20 years since the Spice Girls charmed fans with their lovably campy movie Spice World. It is quintessentially ’90s, just like the band itself, and it’s also a cult classic at this point.

Photo Credit: Youtube

Spice Girls superfan Suzanne Godley got her hands on the original double-decker tour bus from the 1997 movie, aka the Spice Bus. She renovated the bus to turn it into a home “in keeping with its legacy,” and now it’s open to the public for rentals.

The interior of the bus has been updated to satisfy a 2019 aesthetic while also staying true to the Spice Girls. There’s a neon light that says “Girl Power!”, Union Jack chairs, and lots of potted plants. Oh, and lots of ’90s magazines and CDs for ~authenticity~.

Photo Credit: Youtube

The bus sleeps three people, and, while there is no bathroom aboard, Suzanne has thoughtfully included a temporary bathroom next door with a toilet and shower included.

The bus rules, per the AirBnB listing, include “90s dress code,” “Girl Power essential,” and “Compulsory rendition of ‘Goodbye’ on check out.”

Photo Credit: Youtube

The good news: One night in the bus is only $128 per night. A steal!!!

The bad news: It’s only available for certain limited dates. Originally, it was only available for June 14 and 15, but Suzanne added more bookable dates on May 22.

As you can imagine, the reservations fill up quickly, so you may have to settle for a re-watching of Spice World at home.