People Are Really Excited For ‘The Princess Bride’ Board Book For Kids

Photo Credit: Amazon, The Princess Bride: A Counting Book

It’s inconceivable to think the some people have never seen The Princess Bride. A whimsical fairytale of love between Wesley and Buttercup. Truly a perfect story for kids and parents to curl up and watch together. This September marks the 33rd anniversary of the movie and for long-time fans, you can pass on the love to your kids through The Princess Bride: Counting Book.

This October, this children’s book revives this cult classic through cute illustrations of “heroes, giants, wizards, and love.” A true marriage of all the things we loved as kids.

After all, the clergyman said, “Mawwage. Mawwage is what bwings us together today.”

Wondering if your favorites from the movie made the book? Glad you asked!

The publishers said,

“There are 6 fingers on the Count’s right hand, 3 outlaws on a mission, 2 destined lovers, and 1 unforgettable story that brings them all together.”

How fun!

And the best part of bringing this back in a board book, is that parents can read along with their kiddos rather than setting them in front of a device or TV screen.

And honestly with all the Hollywood reboots like Star Wars and other shows streaming on Disney Plus, this will bring back the intimacy in families. Kind of like “the grandfather” reading the book to “the grandson” in the movie!

This book has it all as the author and publisher, Lena Wolfe partnered with Bill Robinson for illustrations. And it makes sense Robinson drew the colorful pictures!

He has not only drawn 15 children’s books but “is currently a character designer at DreamWorks Animation and his previous clients include Disney, Sony, Warner Bros, Reel FX, Nickelodeon, and HBO.”

If you are already squealing to get your hands on this book, it’s not out until October 8th. Booooooo.

But, no worries because you can preorder it on Amazon so you won’t miss out.

Are you going to get one of these when it comes out? Let us know in the comments!