The Real Reason Some Men Aren’t Keen On Paying Child Support

Hint: No, it’s not all about the money.

When two people have a child while they’re in a relationship, it seems natural to share the expenses related to that child. Both parties are responsible for their care and upkeep, after all, and most couples find ways that work for them.

Once a couple splits, though, we know that some non-custodial parents have a real problem sending child support payments to the other spouse – and this education professional has a bit of a different take on why that might be the case.

What if it’s not about the money, but about the loss of control?

They go onto say that this theory also makes sense as to why a person might not want to support one child, but is happy to go on to have a family that they support with someone else.

She thinks she’s got a really good case, here.

What do other people think? Let’s find out!

This person seems to agree, based on her own experience with her ex.

And this person seems determined to prove the point himself.

This person isn’t sure he’s buying it, because one parent has to be the “absent” one by necessity.

Basically, some people have trouble disconnecting the child from the relationship.

And finally… a lawyer weighs in…

What do you think? Is this a good take? A bad one? Does the whole system just need an overhaul?

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