25 Historical Perspectives That Make People Question Everything They Know

Have you ever heard someone say they were having an “existential crisis?” Have you ever had one yourself?

If so, you know it basically means when you learn something or hear something that makes it seem that the fabric of the universe as you understood it starts to (metaphorically) pull apart, and you’re forced to come to grips with a whole new way of seeing the world.

It might sound dramatic, but it happens to all of us at one time or another – and these 26 historical perspectives caused these people to question everything.

First… here’s the tweet that kicked it all off…

25. This one never seems like it could be right.

And yet, here we are.

24. Seven years before Anne Frank and MLK.

May she please live forever.

23. Oh, those Frenchies.

They’re just always so cheeky.

22. I bet he had other good stories, too.

I hope someone in his family wrote them down.

21. So much changed in just a few years.

Pretty wild to think about, right?

20. And she’s never faced any consequences.

That’s the real eye-opener here.

19. I had no idea you could have faxed Lincoln.

Nevermind the rest of it.

18. Your parents remember it.

Trust me on this, millennials, and ask.

17. It’s been a college for a really long time.

Like…a really long time. And the Inca thing? WHAT?

16. To think they all existed together.

I don’t know who seems like the most odd person out.

15. Older than math.

Can you even imagine?

14. If only Marilyn were alive today.

I have a feeling she would have done great things.

13. This is not ancient history.

We’ve seriously got to stop treating it like it is.

12. Sometimes things don’t have to make sense.

You just have to accept that they are.

11. This one really weirds me out.

Although obviously vampires are real.

10. What a blessing to know him.

May you all get to listen to your grandparents’ story.

9. What did they eat?

What did they run on? WHAT?

8. We all have the same fears.

The world just keeps turning and turning.

7. Why does this make me so angry?

Is that an appropriate reaction?

6. It’s definitely not history to her.

It’s personal, as it should be.

5. More stuff that’s not really ancient history.

America is such a little baby, really.

4. The Founding Fathers weren’t aware of dinosaurs.

With the possible exception of Thomas Jefferson.

3. And he’s still alive.

I can’t really wrap my mind around this.

2. We’re all just pretending we’re fine.

It’s the state of the world these days.

1. I had to look this one up to double check.

It’s totally right, though.

I mean…I’m kind of having a bunch of existential crises myself now, so whoops.

If any of these really upset your worldview, tell us which one and why down in the comments!