17 People Put Their Secret Desires Out Into The Universe

There’s something about speaking our secret desires out loud that make them seem more real, and even a bit more like we think something might actually happen.

We all have those desires in our hearts that we’re scared to tell our friends and family about even, but the internet? They’ll never judge us, right?

Here are 17 people putting their hearts out there, so let’s collectively read their wishes and hope they come true, ok?

17. Dogs are the best.

My dog, having a bad day at work at the moment and just want to cuddle her right now.

She crossed the rainbow bridge almost a year ago due to cancer. Went through her things from storage today, took this long for me to be able to choose what to keep and what to throw away. Still hurts.

16. Bless their heart.

To be able to walk and use my hands again. Though I would settle for just getting my hands back.

Was given nitro for a possible heart attack. I’m on blood thinner for another condition. Essentially caused a stroke at my c4/c5 vertebrae. I’m actually fairly lucky.

My quadreplegia is incomplete. I’m not on a vent and I have use of my arms.

15. Sounds delightful.

A back rub and a spa day Seems shallow but I need something relaxing.

14. It will be hard, but you can do it.

To be free from my drug addiction.

13. Said every parent ever.

A proper uninterrupted 12 Hours of sleep.

12. Stay and fight.

To escape my miserable life and begin anew.

“Four more exits to / My apartment but / I am tempted to / Keep the car in drive / And leave it all behind”

I cannot tell you how many times I have had the completely irrational urge to drive past my house and just… go away. But that takes money and resources I don’t have.

11. A person after my own heart.

Garlic cheese pizza, ramen, shawarma, some Taco Bell tacos, sleep.

10. Don’t take your friends for granted.

Someone to call me for an change, and ask how I’m doing.

I sometimes think I’ve failed as a human, because after nearly 28 years of living..I have absolutely no one who wants to call me?

This thought consumes me

9. Wouldn’t that be nice.

Unlimited resources so I can live a happy, comfortable life and do what I please when I please without having to work, etc.

8. I have concerns.

A sprinter van with a mattress in the back,

I’ll do the rest.

7. To just be.

I don’t want to work anymore. I want to just… live.

Wake up and take care of myself and my baby, nourishing us body and soul with hobbies, nature, learning, experiencing.

6. The wish of so many.

To be financially stable.

From a 32-year-old who has lived on his own since 17, there are so many financial traps in the world of credit, taxes, and insurances that without a trusted individual guiding you through the labyrinth you can find yourself in that and fighting uphill battles against organizations who have legal teams that dwarf your resources.

For the last 5 years I’ve been trying to rectify a tax mistake that apparently is “a simple fix” yet the two California organizations that have the documentation to allow me to correct the mistake avoided confrontation, denied fault and ultimately I had to take them to court to be ordered to send me the documentation I need. Months after the court hearing, I still do not have any of the documents I need to rectify over 4 years of tax problems where I have not been able to receive tax returns, my financial aid for my credential program has been halted, and because of this My tax status prevented me from receiving any of the stimulus checks that has been distributed to the California citizens.

The financial turmoil and the ripple effect this has had on my education, my career as a teacher, and my personal/mental health does not affect government companies at all. After years of filibustering my attempt at regaining control of my life, there is no repercussion for the countless unreturned phone calls or blatant neglect of the due process of our hearing. The proceedings were ruled in my favor and the companies went back to ignoring me, and I still have to pilot my life knowing I may not be able to afford my next month’s worth of living.

These years I should be putting a punctuation in my postgrad career and taking the next step into being a special education teacher, but do to all of this I had to step down for my teaching position so that I could fight this issue and make sure I can continue paying my university so I can live out my dream. Information is abundant now, I encourage all teenagers and young adults to do your research and find those wiser adults in your life to give you the rundown on how this crazy financial system we have works so that you never find yourself on the wrong end of a situation.

Thanks to anyone who read this whole thing. This is still something that affects me everyday and being able to write it all out to you guys temporarily helped. I hope that my story can help others because in a world where money is so important, situation like this can truly make you feel helpless

5. There’s nothing worse than silence.

One 5-minute conversation with one person. No reunion. No reconciliation. Just an answer.

I had to take a break from my circle of friends 3 years ago in order to get sober and start making better decisions in general. One of those people was my closest friend for right about 6 years. Things got really complicated between us just before I left, at least they did for me, emotionally (there was drunken tomfoolery and kissing and… other things). He doesn’t do emotions well and isn’t great at communicating, meanwhile I experience way too many emotions and wasn’t great at communicating. The combination = me slowly dying on the inside for the better part of two years.

Ultimately, I wrote him an email telling him I had to distance myself from him for awhile, at least during rehab and maybe for a little while after. Seeing him, trying to hang with him, posting on social media alongside him… all of that was just going to keep the pain fresh. So, I more or less disappeared from his world for awhile (but with warning, I must emphasize).

I never heard another word from him. Not a “good luck”, not a “fuck you”, not an “I understand”. Which in the beginning I thought was just him complying to a T.

Thing is, once I was out and back on my feet and feeling strong enough to resolve things, I found he’d moved out of state. So I wrote him a letter explaining that my leaving wasn’t his fault and that I missed him and wanted to try being friends again — I was excited to, since I felt like a new person and a better friend. A mutual friend who was local to him put the letter right in his hands.

Nothing. No reply. It’s been three years of total silence.

I can handle him hating me, or writing me off. I really can. I can accept that friends come and go. But never knowing why, and never being able to at least say goodbye and part ways mutually? It still aches even today. I’m still grieving, and I don’t really know how to stop.

ETA: And on top of all this, the hurt regularly fulminates into anger (internally), and that really sucks most of anything. I don’t like being angry or bitter, and I definitely don’t want to be angry at him. But, I am and I, yet again, don’t know how to stop.

4. This hurts my heart.

Today is the day my son gets a park bench in his name. He passed very recently. My beautiful bright bug hunting outdoor loving eight year old prince is no longer with us. Today in his honor a park bench gets placed.

I wanted so badly to go there and bring some of his ashes with his sister. But i just didnt have the gas money.

Everything has fallen apart since we lost him but slowly we are building back up. Im just heartbroken i wanted to be there, even for some closure idk. Its just that depserate feeling. Love you son.

3. I’m so, so sorry.

My wife to not have died the same day our son was born.

2. So say we all.

For covid to be over.

It weird, for the first year, I was somewhat fine with it but lately, I really feel like it’s been taking a huge toll on me – just been feeling sad lately over the whole situation.

1. So many things.

I just want someone to confide. Just someone that I can tell and emotionally unload all my problems.

I want the politicians to stop f**king up, humans to stop being shits and covid to piss off.

I want out.

I hope every last one of these folks, and every last one of you reading, sees those secret wishes come true.

If you want us to bolster your wishes, too, our comments are open!