The TikTok That Sparked Debate On Tipping Culture

One thing that is unique to the United States is tipping culture. Other places pay their service employees more per hour, so they don’t have to rely on tips to make up the difference between their pay and a living wage.

Not so here in the States, where most sit-down restaurants pay their servers just over $2/hour and expect their tips to increase that to at least minimum wage.

That said, we’ve started to be asked to tip in other places – casual dining establishments, coffee shops, cupcake stores, and even at the spa or the dermatologist’s office.

This TikTok makes the point that not only is it awkward to have the person asking for the tip staring at you while you decide whether or not to fork over the cash, most of the time we’re not sure why exactly we’re tipping in the first place.


The awkward moment when they can see what you’re tipping #squarereader #tip #tipping #baristatok

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The comments were all over the place, with some – like this person – wondering why you wouldn’t tip your barista for making your drink.

Image Credit: TikTok

Others insisted that employers should be the ones paying their employees, but until they stepped up, it was nice to give a little extra.

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And employees were there to confirm that they do make a significant portion of their income from the goodwill of others.

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This person represented the rest of people, who have no probably saying “no tip” when they don’t feel a tip is deserved, whether the person is watching or not.

Image Credit: TikTok

I definitely tip when I feel as if the person getting the tip performed a service above and beyond the cost of the item.

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