These Screenshots Prove That Entitlement Is Alive And Well

If you spend any time poking around the internet, I’m sure it’s not news that there are a lot of awful people out there walking around looking like normal folks.

I mean, I suppose there have always been awful people, but now we all get to tell the whole world when we run into them – which is exactly what these folks are dying to do.

I don’t see this friendship lasting.

And I do not blame OP one bit.

Image Credit: Reddit

They offered you another sandwich?

Some people just want to be mad.

I don’t get to experience these much.
by u/redperson11 in ChoosingBeggars

That is not how this works.

Like not life or anything.

She’s entitled to an Uber since I can’t drive her around for free and have a job
by u/TheUnawareJersey in ChoosingBeggars

Whatever is easiest for you.

She said sarcastically.

Entitled girl asks for free food, decides she needs delivery as well
by u/haltingblueeyes in ChoosingBeggars

“Similar to Netflix.”

Bless his heart.

He is a business man indeed
by u/SpiderFamm in ChoosingBeggars

I can’t decide on my favorite part.

The hashtag or the comment?

The disrespect to makeup artists.
by u/Dustinj1991 in ChoosingBeggars

He had to add that last part.

Otherwise no one would believe it was real.

Bride n groom requests no perfume on the women and the men are free labour, on top of paying $360 a head.
by u/serafis in ChoosingBeggars

Is that why she married a military man?

It doesn’t seem like a great tradeoff.

You know he’s broke
by u/Erodedragon18 in ChoosingBeggars

Someone is being very dramatic.

I don’t think it’s the nanny, though.

Good for the nanny.
by u/DurantaPhant7 in antiwork

That’s ballsy.

I guess it worked, though.

I was giving away a free dishwasher on Craigslist and caught one in the wild!
by u/nashjoe in ChoosingBeggars

Borrowing is not forever.

Does anyone actually think it is??

Classmate slept over and borrowed my Powerbeats pro…
by u/AliienBlood in ChoosingBeggars

Things go in and not out.

That’s how tip jars work, unless you’re the employee.

It’s too pennies!
by u/entomofile in ChoosingBeggars

The absolute nerve.

Makes me wonder if this has worked for her before.

CB at Walmart wants to add groceries.
by in ChoosingBeggars

This entire thing is appalling.

I had to read it a couple of times to make it make sense.

CB says $1000 government check not enough
by u/Rook1303 in ChoosingBeggars

Who thinks this is OK?

I’m sure her parents could have taught her better.

Entitlement has no boundaries
by u/euzjbzkzoz in ChoosingBeggars

She saved them both a ton of time.

She’s still awful, though.

On the positive side, at least they weeded themselves out early
by u/PhD_Austax in ChoosingBeggars

Maybe he thought they would just go along.

Like this is a normal request.

Someone ordered and paid for a medium pizza at our work and asked us to make it a large in the notes
by u/harpuasam in ChoosingBeggars

That is theft.

Or maybe cat-napping.

Water is a basic human right.

I’m just saying.

She wants a discount in exchange for a bottle of water (tap water, that is)
by u/Love_Summer in ChoosingBeggars

So many ways to respond.

I think I would go with endless laughing.

What a winner!
by u/Badjib in ChoosingBeggars

Y’all, be better than this. Please.

We need more nice people and less people who expect the world to fall at their feet, I swear.