She Tricked Her In-Laws Into Trying Her Food. Did She Go Too Far?

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AITA for tricking my in-laws into trying my food?

“This isn’t necessarily my proudest moment but I am tired of being the outcast.

My (32f) husband “Pete” (34m) comes from a family where the women are all bakers. I am a baker myself and I used to sell out of my house under my states cottage laws but stopped because I like it just being a hobby.

His SIL “Kay” (39) is the one who is “known” for her cupcakes and cake pops. When I first met everyone years ago, it was the first thing I learned. Everyone talked about everything she made.

Even when Pete mentioned how good my stuff was, everyone would say that Kay sells hers and they’re popular so they must be better. Whenever I bring treats, they are often left untouched because “they are not Kay’s”. Yes, I’ve been told that. They ask me to bring something every get together and never touch it.

To be clear, Kay is mainly a baker whereas I bake and specialize in professionally decorated cakes. Kay says that overly decorated cakes are compensating for their bad taste and Pete’s family agrees.

We had a BBQ Monday for Memorial Day and everyone made their treats. Kay decided to bring cake pops. She posted them on her Instagram the night before. So, and I know this immature, I made the exact same ones she did, same flavor and design.

We got there and everyone asked where my treats were. I said they’re in car and I’ll get them in a minute. So I waited for everyone to be outside then I brought mine in and put them next to Kay’s.

After we eat, I notice the family eating my cake pops and not Kay’s. She didn’t notice at first and then asked if they weren’t feeling cake pops. They said they just ate them and they were the best she ever made and asked what she did different. MIL even said they looked so much better in person than in the picture.

Kay was confused and said hers were still on the table. That’s when I said, “Oh, I brought those. Glad you enjoyed them.”

Her husband said he hadn’t had one yet (lies, he ate two) and everyone else just said “yeah, they were okay.” Kay didn’t say anything the rest of the night.

Pete thought it was funny (he didn’t know what I did until the reveal) but his brother (Kay’s husband) said yesterday that what I did was mean and I’m just mad that Kay is a better baker. But Pete said it’s ridiculous the family, including Kay, puts down my baking when they won’t even try it all because I’m not Kay.


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