The UK Has Hosted a “Socially Distant” Concert, and Honestly, Let’s Never Go Back

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A lot of things have changed in 2020, and if we’re being totally honest, not many of them can really be considered good. We’ve cried, we’ve stressed, we’ve raged at the universe, but for the most part, we’ve adapted.

Which is how this socially distant concert came about in the U.K. Outdoor concerts and experiencing music together are two of the things we’ve missed the most, and so some smart, savvy, careful people figured out a way we could still do it and stay safe.

The concert was given by Sam Fender, and took place outdoors at the Virgin Money Unity Arena in Newcastle, England. There were facemasks, but also, there was music and beer, so overall, we can call that a win.

The concert committee set up what basically amounted to a bunch of pods, all raised off the ground for a good view and all six feet apart for safety’s sake.

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As an introvert who enjoys a close group of friends and music, but not necessarily the typical concert setting of squished, sweaty bodies, screaming faces, and having to elbow your way back to your friends, I think this is actually fairly brilliant.

I don’t know why, even when things go back to normal, we can’t continue to enjoy all sorts of concerts like civilized people.

They set up 500 pods and people were welcome to sit in groups of up to 5 people.

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So basically, even if we flush the rest of this entire year down the toilet (’tis fine with me), I think we should keep this bit.

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