There Are Now PopSockets to Help You Hold Your Drinks Without Spilling

Photo Credit: PopSockets

PopSockets are a lifesaver for people with big phones. The company is now expanding to help you from dropping your favorite beverage, too, with PopSockets that fit right onto your drink.

There are two models to choose from. First is the PopThirst Cup Sleeve, which glides onto a standard coffee cup or pint glass. It also happens to be the perfect size for Starbucks Frappuccinos.

The insulated sleeve keeps beverages warm or cold, and it comes with a matching PopGrip so you can keep your drink steady during your morning commute or at a crowded concert.

Photo Credit: PopSockets

There’s also the PopThirst Can Holder, designed to fit snugly onto a can. Beer, wine, soda — whatever it is, you don’t want to spill it.

Imagine if Jonah Hill used a PopThirst sleeve for his to-go coffee? This perfectly timed photo would never have existed and become a meme!

When you think about it, the PopThirst is basically like a mug handle, reinvented. You have to use the PopGrip while also holding the drink with your hand, though. It’s definitely not designed to be used as a handle on the side of the cup.

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?Introducing the all-new PopThirst! ?Designed for cups, cans, and everything in between, it’s the ultimate drinking partner. Cheers!

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The cup sleeves and can holders are available in over 10 different designs, including flames and floral prints. Both versions are one-size-fits-all and they retail for $15 each.