You Can Get A Job Taking Care Of 55 Cats On This Gorgeous Cat Sanctuary Island

©Facebook,God's Little People Cat Rescue

We all know people who would think that this would be their absolute dream job. Isolated on a beautiful island with nothing but dozens of cats to keep you company. What’s not to like, right?

In July 2019, a job announcement popped up looking for a caretaker to live on the Greek island of Syros. Oh yeah, the caretaker would have to look after not one, not two, but 55 cats that live on the island.

The job opportunity came from God’s Little People Cat Rescue. Joan Bowell and her husband have rescued 55 cats over the years and decided they needed to take a break from caring for that many felines. Bowell received more than 35,000 applications for the once-in-a-lifetime job and they chose a woman named Jeffyne Telson to care for their beloved cats for the winter.

Telson came all the way from California to Greece to do the sought-after job.

She said,

“…I never imagined myself applying, although I had always dreamed of returning to the islands to help the Greek cats.”

Once she was accepted, Telson demanded that the salary offered to her be donated back to the organization to help the animals.

The population of Syros is about 22,000 people and an incredible 13,000 stray cats. In addition to the 55 cats that she was caring for, Telson made an effort to help the island’s other needy cats as well.

She said,

“We all have a chance to make a difference whether it is volunteering, donating to a non-profit or standing up for a cause.

So remember, even the little things you do make a difference…and doing something is better than doing nothing!”

And just last month, in January 2020, the organization picked a new person to be the caretaker. Her name is Jack Bodimead and she worked as a veterinary nurse for 17 years.

I think it’s safe to say that she’ll be a good fit on the island with all these kitties.

That kind of isolation sounds pretty tempting to me. How about you?

Would you go crazy or do you think you would enjoy the solitude?

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