This Guy Won $1 in a Lottery and Demanded a Photo With a Giant Check


I don’t know why this story brings me so much joy, but it just does. Maybe because it reminds me of something one of my friends would do if they won a lousy one dollar in a lottery. Or maybe it reminds me of something that I might even do.

When Iowa resident Tyler Heep discovered that he won exactly one dollar in the lottery, he decided he needed to capture this moment of glory and let it live on forever.

Heep went to the lottery headquarters in Des Moines and asked to be given the treatment of a high roller who just won millions of dollars.

Luckily, and surprisingly, the officials at the office agreed and Heep was given a huge $1 check and was photographed with the big prize. Larry Loss, the acting CEO of the Iowa state lottery, even signed the check for him.

Heep said about the experience, “They decided to treat me just like a million dollar winner. The guy came down the stairs and they took me into the back room where the camera was with the Iowa Lottery logo.” In the memo portion of the check, it reads “Stinking Rich.”

Heep even got the check framed!

And what did Heep spend that one-dollar prize on, you’re probably asking yourself? He used it to put half a tank of gas into his car.

Here’s a news broadcast about the ridiculous, yet hilarious, story.

Tyler Heep, you are a gem, good sir. And a high roller, too! Let’s party sometime!

But hey, those are my thoughts. Of course I want to know yours! What say you about this specific request of a quite unique gentleman?

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