These 11 Memes Should Help Make Your Day A Little Better

There’s no better way to improve your day – morning, noon, or night – than a funny, timely, or totally funny meme.

We think these 11 will do the trick and put a smile on your face, so please take a scroll and enjoy!

11. I never really thought about this before, but it’s true.

I’m never going to stop doing it, either. Because it’s so easy. Don’t judge!

10. Those couples. There is no excuse for that kind of behavior.

You cannot change my mind on this. They are awful, awful people.

9. What they hell.

We’ve got time on our hands, I suppose.

8. Because your bed is the best place to be.

I don’t spend nearly enough time there these days.

7. You guys, stop expecting cats to be respectful.

They are actually honey badgers.

6. Someone spent a lot of time putting this together.

But I mean…they’re not wrong.

5. And you get the same results as Hook.

That guy just didn’t know when to concede to a child.

4. The two types of people in the world, my friends.

And no, it’s not a male/female thing.

3. And that BEEP? What are they trying to prove.

Yes, I heard you! EVERYONE HEARD YOU!

2. I feel personally attacked by this post.

And yes, I am wearing something similar right now.


He or she does not like you. I promise.

I’m totally laughing, and I feel lighter already! Now…where are some more memes?!

Do you have a go-to place to find great memes? Share it with us in the comments!