These 11 Things Look Like Other Things But Are Not, At All, Those Things

Image Credit: Reddit

Have you ever looked up at the clouds and imagined they were floating heads, or cars, or dogs? Have you ever looked down at your dinner plate and thought your strawberry was shaped like a heart?

If you have (and who hasn’t?) what you’re experiencing is called pareidolia – and below are 11 examples that prove it’s definitely a thing!

11. What is happening here?

My eyes seriously cannot focus. Are those actually glasses???

These flowers look like a group of tiny 3D-rendered chickens wearing glasses and holding a cake
byu/oldgood_isaac inmildlyinteresting

10. What kind of camera did he use to snap this?

No way it was just a cell phone? That can’t be!

The corrosion on this water tap looks like a map
byu/Luke-Skywalk inmildlyinteresting

9. A forest in a dystopia, maybe.

The human body is so weird and wonderful. Wow… it’s beautiful!

High definition photo of the blood vessels in the human eye look eerily like a forest.
by inwoahdude

8. I have never seen anything like this!

It’s like a fantasy world… right in your own backyard!

The way this picture of a frozen puddle in my backyard looks like a landscape from the perspective of a plane.
byu/SigmaNukem inmildlyinteresting

7. You’ve freed him!

I’d like to see you eat that thing now. Okay, I’ll do it!

This boiled egg that exploded while cooking and looks like a snail.
byu/monkeyman9608 inmildlyinteresting

6. Are we sure it’s not a feather floating down?

Because there is not a single other cloud in the sky…

This cloud that looks like a feather
byu/mrashtail inmildlyinteresting

5. Truly it does.

Jellyfish are so freaking pretty.

This Jellyfish I caught a picture of, looking like it’s in space.
byu/Kxaxt inmildlyinteresting

4. That is completely unbelievable.

Wherever this is, I need to visit.

The view from my house looks like a painting
by inmildlyinteresting

3. I’m confused about how this is a pumpkin?

It’s because I’m American, isn’t it.

Pumpkin Looks Like a Watermelon Shaped Like an Apple
by inmildlyinteresting

2. This is definitely a portal to another world.

Fight me.

This ice looks like an eye
byu/alexadlynn inmildlyinteresting

1. Talk about an optical illusion.

How long did it take your brain to catch up?

This bale of hay looks like a hole in the ground
by inwoahdude

Some of these I swear I can’t even seen the real thing! My eyes can’t focus and make it happen.

Which of these confused you the most? Tell us in the comments!