These 12 Book Nook Shelf Inserts Are Very Cool

Image Credit: Reddit

In the latest awesome news to come out of the objectively awesome book world, people are building tiny, wonderful crevices in their bookshelves that look like pathways to distant worlds.

Appropriate, of course, because that’s exactly where books can take us – and the good ones have the ability to truly make a reader feel as if they’ve been somewhere else.

If you’re a book lover, these 12 intricate creations are going to make you feel the way you did the first time you checked the back of your own closet for a passageway to Narnia.

12. And right between the Harry Potter books, too!

I was told this sub my like this Christmas present I’ve made for my siblings: Diagon Alley!
byu/BGRommel incrafts

11. This magical bookshop on your bookshelf.

A magical bookshop in your own bookshelf
byu/BeardedGlass inbooknooks

10. It’s so small and perfect!

Beautiful bookshelf insert
byu/unlka ininterestingasfuck

9. You just can’t go wrong with a Harry Potter theme.

Harry Potter themed booknook
byu/ErsoRoot inbooknooks

8. In case you want to frighten your children away from reading forever.

Witch is watching you
byu/amarian1981 inbooknooks

7. This legit looks like it’s part of the Bladerunner set.

I made a booknook for a Christmas gift, my inspiration was Blade Runner. It’s larger than ones we have see, it’s 11″ x 6″.
byu/Poullafouca inbooknooks

6. Lord of the Rings fans are always the most dedicated of the bunch.

[OC] Dare you enter the Doors of Durin and face the long Dark of Moria?
byu/NDVermin inDnD

5. I want to sit there and read.

Small alley in bookshelf
by inbooknooks

4. Those little flickering flames just invite you inside…

I designed and printed my own Book Nook inspired by u/Alpha-Lyr’s design. Thingiverse link to .stl in the comments.
byu/drewilliam14 in3Dprinting

3. Don’t you just want to know where it leads?

This book nook my mother got on eBay
byu/7concussionssofar inmildlyinteresting

2. I love a fairy forest no matter where I find it.

First book nook – a fairy door in the forest!
byu/marlasings inbooknooks

1. Star Wars fans, anyone?

One last project to finish up the year. Made an Endor(Star Wars) themed “booknook” insert for my bookshelf. Happy New Years!
byu/macksdhart ininterestingasfuck

I don’t have the patience for the attention to detail that this would require, but man, I so admire the people who do.

Are you going to be inventing one of these for your own shelves? What will it look like?

Tell us all about it so we can live vicariously!