These 12 Illusions Still Have Our Minds Spinning

Photo Credit: Pexels

Illusions can truly mess with your mind, but they can totally be delightful! Looking at the world through different eyes can also break the monotony, so let’s check out 12 illusions that were roaming around the internet.

12. This Giant Seagull

You have to remember the seagull is close and the person is at a distance.

I, for one, welcome out new avian overlords. from confusing_perspective

11. Is That A Missing Back?

Nope! The mirrors are reflecting the sky.

The windows’ reflections makes it look like the back of the building is missing. from confusing_perspective

10. Spaghetti-O Smile

This isn’t an illusion, just a cute coincidence. It still deserves a spot here.

9. Floating Goldfish

No, he’s not outside in the sun. This is just a creative camera angle.

Fish out of water from confusing_perspective

8. IKEA Painted This Door

It must be hilarious to see people try to go into this room.

This painted door in Ikea from mildlyinteresting

7. A Two-Headed Cat!

Take a closer look! Now get even closer!

Cat Cat from confusing_perspective

6. Is That A Giant Snake?

No. It’s a potholder made of tires that someone brilliantly painted like a snake.

A flower planter made from old tires from confusing_perspective

5. Is He Playing a Sand Piano?

No,  but he did strike a creative pose!

this guy’s sand drawing from confusing_perspective

4. Tiny Frozen Lakes!

Well, actually it’s just regular frozen ice.

The ice looks like frozen lakes in this picture from confusing_perspective

3. My, What a Strange Cruise Ship!

It’s actually a creative picture of some cheesecake!

Boat on a dark sea or a simple cake? from confusing_perspective

2. What An Interesting Potato!

You’ll be interested to know it’s just a lovely rock!

This rock that looks like a half eaten potato from mildlyinteresting

1. An Interesting Spot For a Snowman!

Well, it’s just plain old soy sauce!

This snowman air bubble in my soy sauce packet from mildlyinteresting

These are simply creative shots of regular, everyday things. They show us that we can see things differently if we just shift our glance a little bit.

What did you think of these tiny illusions? Shoot us a comment!