These 13 High School Scandals Are Really Something

Everyone thinks their high school was crazy and special, but listen – teenagers everywhere pull ill-advised stunts, my friends.

That said, my own high school career didn’t include the level of nuts these 13 people recall from their school days, I can tell you that!

13. Less nutty. Hahahaha.

A kid apparently jacked off in the back of the class. Someone apparently got it on their phone. Cops came, person who recorded it got charged.

He sat where I did, but in a different class period. So I switched my chair for a new, less nutty, chair. Turns out, every other class before me had also switched the chair, so we couldn’t find the nut chair.

We even made black lights with our phones to look for the chair.

It was great.

12. Talk about classy.

Let’s see….

The greasy hair comb over principal was banging the young counselor during school in the office. Forgot to close the blinds. Was seen by half the school. And his wife who was a PE teacher.

My high school friend who got pregnant who was propositioned by the football coach as “It doesn’t matter now you’re already knocked up.”

11. Well that’s awkward.

A student was having s^x with many girls in the gym locker room or music practice rooms. This was discovered due to an explosion in std rates. (I don’t recall if it was chlamydia or gonorrhea.) Yuck!

10. What a complete skeez.

The soccer coach was sleeping with 4 of the soccer players (16-18 years old), 2 of them being other teachers daughters. They had it completely secret until his wife found a journal where wrote about each time he slept with each girl on the team.

At the end of the school day we walked out and there was 4-5 cop cars and they were walking him out of his building in cuffs. If I remember correctly the girls didn’t have to come back to school for the rest of the school year (it was close to the end anyway). Everyone found out their names pretty quickly. Biggest scandal at that school in decades.

9. Someone just had to top it off.

Not sexual, but someone took a huge sh^t in one of the bathroom sinks. Very much abnormally large, especially given that it was in a sink.

It was basically a mountain of sh^t and at the very top someone put a perfectly ripe strawberry.

8. Out to pasture was too nice.

Our history teacher made multiple sexual remarks to a female classmate.

One time he pulled her shirt up because her “cleavage was distracting.”

He “retired” not long after that.

7. She must have been trying to get fired.

This was a year or two after I graduated, but there was this one teacher at my high school who was fired for (in no particular order of weirdness):

  • Buying booze for students
  • Smoking weed with students
  • Buying weed for students
  • Buying weed from students
  • Writing a paper for a student for a different class in exchange for weed
  • Driving certain students who skipped school to a bar in a different city several hours away
  • Sending a student a completely unsolicited text that said, “I’ve never wanted to cheat with anyone in my life, but I want to with you.”
  • Offering to buy a student a $500 knife and give it to him at school, explaining it thus: “If I can walk around [campus] with marijuana on me you can walk around with a shipping box with a knife in it.” Kiddo, you can’t walk around campus with marijuana on you.

She was the Scripture teacher. That position, at that school, at least when I was there, was as cursed as the Defense Against The Dark Arts job at Hogwarts.

6. I cannot even imagine.

Two students coordinated j^rking off in English class.


5. I’m not sure that’s allowed.

There was this younger, smokin’ hot female teacher at my high school, her bf was on The Real World, and she did a visit on the show wearing a super skimpy bikini and talking about her bfs d%ck.

Everyone had already had a crush on her but this pushed it over the edge. I don’t know if she quit teaching but I don’t remember seeing her around school after that year.

4. I always wonder what the animals in these stories think.

Long story short, a student was caught having s^x with a sheep at the tiny farm the school ran for the agricultural elective students.

Once a student had completed enough required worksheets, they got to go over to the farm and do some work instead of sitting in class writing. Not exactly easy, but it was nice when the weather was cool.

This guy had the class for both morning sessions, so he said he’d just stay over at the farm and get a ride back at the end of the next class. Well, amongst other incidents, he was not the brightest bulb in the box. Seems he lost track of time and the next class came walking up to the barn with him ball$ deep in the sheep. Word was, the sheep didn’t seem to notice…

3. If romance novels ended realistically.

We had a football coach fucking one of the cheerleaders. I was so blind to it all. He was my positional coaches and I had respect for him so I never believed it. He never talked about it and I was friends with that cheerleader and she always denied it. 2 years after graduation they got married because she was already pregnant with their 2nd child.

She dropped out of college her first semester and became a stay at home mom. Her Facebook page now is just really sad. It has been almost 16 years since we graduated and she still seems miserable. All her dreams just vanished and she is still married to that coach who is getting older and fatter. He is over 60 and she is in her 30’s.

2. That’s not a scandal it’s attempted murder.

Someone put gear oil in the Machine Shop teacher’s coffee.

Damn near killed him.

1. Because that’s what cowards do.

I went to a charter school in PA, the founder stole hundreds of thousands of dollars from the school district and used it for himself.

In the back of the school, he built an apartment with a stripper pole but it was hidden in the school you could only get to it through one door hidden in a closet.

He was eventually caught stealing money and he committed suicide.

I am just flabbergasted, and sorry I didn’t have more fun in high school.

Do you have a high school scandal that could challenge anything on this list? Tell us about it in the comments!