These 13 Karens Have Very Strong Feelings

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but just because someone holds a particular opinion doesn’t make it true.

Opinions are not the same as facts. I could FEEL like the clouds should taste like marshmallows, I could BELIEVE that the clouds should taste like marshmallows, but that doesn’t make it so.

These 12 Karens have very strong opinions when it comes to face masks, vaccines, hell, even Halloween candy! They might just leave you rolling on the floor laughing if you don’t starting crying angry tears first.

1. WWJD?

Jesus would probably want kids to learn how to identify and cope with mental illness.

Yeah of course is Jesus the answer to everything from FuckYouKaren

2. Hmmm…

Maybe just walk into the woods and see what happens. Or real talk, book a nice hotel and stay in your room.

3. Am I not smiling enough for you?

I use the mask to cover my resting bit*h face, but I’d be happy to show it to you.

We’ve lost the light and personality in our eyes! Found one in the wild. from FuckYouKaren

4. Just like Scooby Doo

Let’s find out who this Karen monster REALLY is.

5. Hey, if you want to use oils, do it

Just do it while ALSO quarantining for two weeks. Or you know, maybe actually get tested.

6. Does she know how masks work?

I agree that every business should have masks available if they require them, but also don’t forget your mask, Karen.

Calling others Karen… from FuckYouKaren

7. Quemadura enferma

Would you like a cold compress for that burn?

Karen Feeling!!! from FuckYouKaren

8. It just sounded right

Because that’s really all the justification we need these days.

9. I wonder why they’re so obsessed?

Maybe because we’ve experienced over 258k deaths due to COVID-19? Just a thought.

Stop Making Me Feel Bad for Ignoring Science! from FuckYouKaren

10. Trick or treat

Wow, I would loooove to be her neighbor. Not.

11. Nope

That is incorrect.

12. What a scholar

Facts matter. Science matters. Having evidence to back up your beliefs MATTERS.

13. The only one here who needs a diaper is you

Sure hope this person doesn’t get COVID.

14. I stand corrected

Does anyone have a diaper she could borrow?

It’s not a secret Karen’s can’t wait in lines from FuckYouKaren

Ha ha ha, it’s funny right? Right? Or is it just mind-numbingly frustrating? I don’t know anymore.

Like I said, everyone is entitled to their opinion but that doesn’t make it right, and just because you have one doesn’t mean people always want to hear it.

I’ll take my advice from the experts, thanks.

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