These 13 People Ordered Food and Got Exactly What They Wanted

Image Credit: Reddit

We all like what we like, when it comes to food, and if we’re treating ourselves to a meal out, it’s important we get what we want, right?

While that may be true, we all know it doesn’t always happen. The people who serve us are only human, and they make mistakes…but not these 13 servers.

They got it exactly right. And it’s not even close!

13. I can’t even tell what’s underneath the cheese.

Bless whoever made this dish.

Extra cheese, please! from deliciouscompliance

12. A dairy-free dream.

I hope everyone liked it.

When I was a first-year in university, a bunch of us in residence got Domino’s delivered. One guy asked for a pizza with "triple pepperoni" and "no cheese". This was the result. from deliciouscompliance

11. I feel like there have been complaints previously.

Now, the customers are reaping the benefits.

Large Ranch from Wingstop. Beer for reference. from deliciouscompliance

10. He didn’t want to go too few.

I think that was a good amount.

Asked for extra parmesan packets. I am pleased. from deliciouscompliance

9. That’s quite a request.

It really painted a picture.

I got another mac and cheese burger. This time I asked for "as much mac and cheese as you can without getting fired." I might not survive. from deliciouscompliance

8. This person is a gd hero.

Although I would miss the actual veggies tbh.

"Please bring a veggie platter to the potluck" from deliciouscompliance

7. This looks amazing.

She should be so proud!

When your 3 year old asks for a rainbow dinosaur donut birthday you deliver. Drew up the design and had it made and they did an awesome job. from deliciouscompliance

6. A little pie with your ice cream?

To each her own.

My sister asked for extra ice cream for her pie and my mom delivered from deliciouscompliance

5. What is this monstrosity?

I must know.

Requested extra cheese, not disappointed from deliciouscompliance

4. When the person who packs your food just gets you.

It’s blissful.

In the special instructions, I asked for “lots of pickled onions pls! :)”, they complied (the container in the back was filled to the brim with more of em, free on the side! from deliciouscompliance

3. Ok…this is not what he ordered.

But it is still pizza, so.

Ordered a "half mushroom half pepperoni" pizza…@ from Wellthatsucks

2. You can never have too many fries.

This is a law of the universe.

I thought my husband had a soda, when I asked whats with the fries he told me, "I told them lots and this is what they gave me!" from deliciouscompliance

1. This feels aggressive.

But the result is still awesome.

I asked for "just a lot of extra ranch dressing" from deliciouscompliance

I don’t know about you, but I’m just hungry now. Absolutely ravenous!

Which one of these got your belly rumbling? And which ones of these would you actually order?

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