These 13 Pets Refuse to Spend One More Night Without Their Owners


If you have a dog or cat that’s attached to you, then you know their anxiety can begin the moment they see you drag out your suitcase. They might even try to sit in your suitcase, thinking that you’ll be forced to stay home, or maybe you won’t notice and you’ll just pack around them.

Whatever the reason, these 13 pets are definitely not letting their human go without a fight.

13. Thou shall not pass.

My cat’s new solution to keep me from leaving
byu/FPierce inaww

12. Okay so you’re mad but at least you’re home!

I tried to leave early for work this morning but Mulder had other ideas…
byu/kornoholic13 inaww

11. You’d better stay home. I mean, what choice do you have?

My dog wedges his snout between the door when I leave for work so I can’t close it. One time he went the extra mile.
byu/Fragabond inaww

10. Now, hold that pose…

Leaving Bentley is the hardest part of the day
byu/stace_whit inaww

9. You think you’re the only one who can ride this bike, human?

This is how Merlin attempts to prevent my brother from leaving his apartment.
byu/bootsycline inaww

8. This is the best reason to snooze an alarm I’ve ever heard of.

My cat learned that the alarm sound means I wake up, and she snuggles on my chest right after. I’ve been setting my alarm 30 minutes early every day to give her more happy time.
byu/FatCat45 inaww

7. That face.

You weren’t planning on leaving the house today, were you?
byu/kittenkaboodle17 inaww

6. He fits! See?

She thought we were leaving without her
byu/hayfab inaww

5. Someone’s been watching Puss in Boots.

Every time I leave for work she does this, it’s not fair
byu/TrentRizzo inaww

4. My heart.

My dog whenever she realizes we are leaving the house
byu/brianacai inaww

3. He will not be moved.

My dog is smart enough to understand that packing = people leaving bc of how often my parents go on trips. They’re taking him to the beach this week but when he saw them packing he ran out to the back of the car and sat there so they can’t leave without him 😂 he’s been there for about 40 minutes
byu/dsherman8r inaww

2. There’s nothing you can do. Nope.

He cries everyday I leave for work. Today he’s decided he’s coming with me.
byu/Szpartan inaww

1. Let’s see how far you get without these, hmm?


We don’t deserve pets. They’re too pure.