These 14 Celebrity Tweets Are as Funny as They Are Timely and Sweet

Image Credit: Twitter

They say timing is everything, and even though that might not always be true, it definitely is when it comes to comedy and social media, and any combination thereof.

These 14 celebs might not always hit the nail on the head, but in the case of these tweets, they definitely banged it in.

Whether their observations are sweet, funny, pithy, or smart, we think there are plenty of reasons to share.

14. She said please.

Be flattered!

13. Everyone has a favorite.

But there’s only one right answer.

12. I don’t think either of them eat that much pasta.

But it’s a nice sentiment, nonetheless.

11. She’s a good mom.

This is how you can tell.

10. I’m suddenly glad we’re not friends.

I’m just saying.

9. Well if that doesn’t melt your heart.

You might not have one.

8. Am I the only one who doesn’t know how to feel?

Someone tell me, quick.

7. Wow, those are some bold words.

It must be love.

6. Gotta love guy friendships.

So sweet. *wipes tear*

5. It’s like church.

And it’s not right if our friends aren’t there.

4. I mean, you’re already up.

Might as well play Coffeehouse Barbie.

3. I believe it.

There is witchcraft at work.

2. OK that’s hilarious.

*slow clap*

1. Talk about waiting for the right moment.

It’s out there now.

Good humor is so elusive, you have to celebrate it where you find it, and any time you write something that connects with other people, we think it’s worth sharing.

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